When you picture Berlin, what comes to mind? The bustling streets and plazas, the eclectic mix of architecture, or Brandenburger Tor? Perhaps you think of your own street, or the bikes, or the wind. You may have been in Berlin for years, months, or perhaps only a couple of weeks, but have you visited any of the 2,500 public parks that this city contains? I have explored a very tiny percentage of this huge variety of green spaces, but when I picture Berlin, its beautiful green spaces are one of my favorite parts. Below are just a few of the wonderful parks I’ve visited and why you should make them part of your Berlin experience, too!



Wannsee 1Do you want to feel like you’ve left the city altogether? Lucky for you, Berlin has many lakes and forests where you can be transported into another world. One I have visited recently and adored is the Wannsee, a calm lake surrounded by towering trees and gentle hills (actual slopes in Berlin!). You can enjoy a walk with a friend or find some personal time to think while listening to the water lap or collecting the colorful autumn leaves. If I ever move back to Berlin, I want to live next to this lake.

Wannsee 2



Tiergarten 1This enormous park is the oldest in Berlin and has become my reprieve, only a couple minutes from my house and big enough to become happily lost in. You have the choice of countless picnic areas, and there are cement ping pong tables scattered throughout for free play. This park is friendly for bikers, families, and those who want to wander among the trees, streams, meadows, and monuments. This park can be crowded in the summer months or during events, but you can always find a spot to yourself at any time of year.


Tempelhof 2This abandoned airfield turned park is a vast open space perfect for flying kites. One of the quietest and most open spots in the city, this park is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. My childhood self comes alive as I picture the planes taking off as I walk on the runway.

Treptower Park

This park is it’s own treasure and quite different from the rest. It stretches along the river and is home to an island, modern art pieces, and Soviet memorials. You can meander along the river, or cross the picturesque tree lined road to enter into a piece of Soviet history, including the burial ground of hundreds of Red Army soldiers and impressive statues. This park is beautiful, large, and not too busy, with a fascinating history to boot.



This park has been created on the highest natural hill in Berlin, and from the crest, you can see much of the central and southern parts of the city. It is topped by a monument to the liberation wars that was dedicated by King Frederick William III of Prussia, and in the warmer months, a waterfall runs from the base of the monument to the intersection of streets at the base of the hill. My favorite part of this park is the view, especially when the autumn colors are in full splendor. It is also situated in Kreuzburg, a wonderful part of the city to walk through for quaint shops and great kebab.


This article is part of the new project RawafedZusammenfluss - connecting old and new neighbours in Treptow-Köpenick. Together we explore the district and portray it's diversity.

IMG 0090 aMelissa is studying Arabic and Linguistics at Brigham Young University. She is an avid lover of good stories, mountains, and any growing green thing. She likes people too, especially small ones - specifically, her ten younger siblings. Her biggest accomplishments are still in the making.

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